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May 06, 2010


Amy G

where downtown are you getting them? I'm wanting to pick some up. how much are they?


I collect vintage chenille baby quilts. Love them for tea parties with my little pumpkin!

BTW, I'm also a big fan of red + aqua - the BEST color combo ;)

I love, love, love your embroidery patterns and gorgeous fabric. Do you ever sell finished embroidered items? Maybe it's better if you don't...I could so get in trouble *wink*


oops sorry girls! i did a copy and past on this post from by other blog.....the giveaway was over there!!!

amy, one shop i like is 3rd street and i can't remember the name of the other. i go in several.

the smaller jars are usually just $5 or $6, the bigger one's can be like $25...i don't have any of those yet. the pyrex really range depending on the size usually. mine have been around the $10-$15 range.


basically, i want to be like u when i grow up. yr totally miss home ec., crafty,
photog mom!since im 3 boys down to yr hopin i have a chance!!!


love the pyrex! i always check these out when i go to antique stores but their just so darn kinda expensive, not a priority im sure sean would say. one day i will have them though!!!
their super cute. my mom has them n i thought they were the ugliest thing when i was younger.


I am just going to stick to what I collect in my kitchen ~grins~

Aluminum measuring spoons and cups

glass juicers

and bowls. I love bowls.

I love your treasures!


I'm collecting some glass and ceramic goods with Dutch motifs - my collection is not huge, because at first I was only collecting Dutch things bought during my visits in Amsterdam. But now I broke this rule and if I see something like this, I try to buy it:)


My husband might say we collect girls because we already have 4, however, I also seem to collect/hoard fabric and quilts. After seeing that lovely pink pyrex I might start looking for that as well.


Love your pyrex collection. I've been tempted myself. I collect old cameras and milk bottles.

Jessie Fincham

oh Tasha they are just GORGEOUS!! I actually have that exact aqua snowflake dish :) and I bought the pink daisy one a few days ago, just waiting for it to arrive in the post!! :) can't wait!

So... yes I collect Pyrex! hehe


children? I am a mom of 7. I might be collecting pyrex now that I know there is aqua.


don't you love it when people come late to the party? btw...your living room looks a bit like mine...fireplace in the corner...armoir to the chair to the left and couch in the same place. couldn't really tell the colors of your wall but mine are sherwin williams blonde...


Hi! :)
Those Pyrex sets remind me of my mothers back in the day..
I am always collecting:
• feathers
• leaves & rocks
• vintage scarfs
I have many mini rotating nature displays around our home,
Where I get to arrange all my natural curios on my lovely vintage scarfs
Every time I pass by one I remember all of the peaceful walks
We took ~

Annie W. (NJ)

I collect alot of stuffs but my main collection is anything with "airmail", "par avion", "stamps" theme to it. Doesn't matter if it is fabric, wood caddy or purse/wallets as long it reminds me of "mail" I collect. Just have to watch what I am collecting though.

I already have huge pyrex collection. I have mason jars too but I don't collect anymore of those anymore.

Annie W. (NJ)

Fyi. I am a new blog reader to your website so I am just looking at your old post.

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