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September 15, 2009



WOW! You captured that perfectly! Ava is a total doll, her face is just kissable and sweet, but on top of it your pictures are just amazing! I love all of them but her little hand tugging on the flower is just so precious! So when are you starting your photography business?! ;)


Adorable! I wonder how the flower tasted...


April Bishop

Fantastic picutures!

Emily Dorman

She is adorable. No wonder Jackson loves to hug and kiss all over her.


I think her hair might be growing a tad faster than Adin's :)
I already told you on Facebook... but I do love these pictures, you really captured her perfectly!

Jeff have a real talent for photography. You should make people pay you money to push that button! Next time we're down there, can you take some good pictures of my family? I won't pay you or anything, but Julie will probably bring cookies or something :)


You have such great photography skills, Tasha! Your kids are so lucky to have such beautiful memories of their childhood!

Basketball Sneakers

Your grannies are so beautiful!! I love the colors with the grey!! xo Heather

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