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August 19, 2009



Oh my goodness! She is the cutest thing EVER! I love how plump and chubby she is. She looks so happy. The last picture is my favorite. She's so lucky to have you guys and of course you guys are lucky to have her.


I was pretty much going to write exactly what Lisa said! It is true though! She has such a happy face and is the cutest thing ever! I love her crinkle face and her sweet smile :)
I hope we get to see you guys soon! Ian misses your boys and I want to hold that cute little Ava!


Tasha she is darling. I think all Ava's must be super cute:)
No, I didn't find that fabric yet. We don't have that store here, and when I look up that fabric online it says it will be available in stores in August...but no link to the store's locations. I admit I haven't tried very hard yet though. I finally (just yesterday) found someone who sews for money and will make the duvet covers and pillow cases for me, so maybe now I will have some motivation! I bought 3 of the red mirrors at ikea and covered them with turquoise, red, pink and white scrapbook paper and then replaced the mirrors with pictures of the girls. I love how they turned out, but now we need the duvet covers to pull the whole room together!!
Love ya!


Tasha, Ava is a major doll! Love you all! Mom


Tasha I can't believe that she is 6 months already!!! It makes me think about Meg being that big and I start to tear up!!! (Man I gotta get this hormone thing under control, LOL!) She is just beautiful!!!! Love the head bands...we still need to get together, maybe after school starts!?!

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