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March 27, 2009



ohhh- she is getting those little rolly-poley thighs... I just love 'em!!!! (of course this is the only time in a girls life that you can say that!) Do you just tie different bows into that hat? It is so cute...I love it!!
XOXOXO Ava!!!!


those are so cute!! i think the first one is my fav, and i love the little leg warmers.


I need to meet this little girls very soon! She is just adorable! I love her little leg wamers! Great pictures!


She is just beautiful! And I love those leg warmers! Very stylin'! She's worth the lack of showers, isn't she? :) Before you know it she'll be big enough to take in with you.


Could she be any cuter!? I love the hats and baby leg warmers!


YES! she is totally worth the lack of showers! she's a super sweetie and i love dressing her up and snuggling. actually sometimes it's a great "excuse" for doing nothing! i love her. :)

thanks everyone for your nice comments!


CUTE CUTE CUTE! Don't worry, I'm still not showering, and Amelie's 14 months old!

Oh, and babies are supposed to put on about 2 lbs a month for the first 6 months, so Ava's right on track :)... Amelie was a chubster too!


Totally adorable baby and great photography, Tasha...Love you! Aunt Doni

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