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February 14, 2009



You definitely have my sympathy! The last bit is the hardest...are you getting any sleep at all? Every time I see you've posted I'm hoping for a new baby announcement. Soon...


I am SOOOOO sorry your still pregnant!!! All of us women who have had babies FEEL your pain. My back is aching and my eyes are tired just thinking about it. I hope you have her today because then she can share my birthday...I'll be sending prayers your way all day!
P.S. Natalie talked her doctor into doing an ultrasound at her appointment this week! She knows!!!!! I won't spoil her fun and tell you what though.


Oh make me nervous. I want to get where you 'are' right now, but not ready for the anticipation of HER getting here. Yup Karina is right. We did find out. We are copying you. Good luck! You're in my thoughts!


Hi Tasha! The final countdown! Hang in their girl for the girl :) We are anticipating her arrival with you. Have some chocolate that Pete gave you - it's bound to make you feel better. It did for me today! Love, Ninz


We are SOOOO bummed that we are not there right now seeing your little baby! But I agree, she must have needed a little more time to grow so we won't be too upset ;)

Glad you had a good valentines! We are thinking of you!


it's kind of fun when they tell you the babies size. i think 7 lbs is perfect!! she's just making you wait so your excitement and joy will even be more!! she's already learning how to be a girl, and taking her own sweet time!! :)

thinking about you daily! :)

love ya!

Melissa Dempsey

O.K. Ava it is time...hurry up already! Give your mama a break, she needs her body back!

O.K. Tash, I talked to Ava! I hope she listens, she must be having a hard time departing everyone else on the other side.:)

We can wait to meet you Ava!

Auntie Meliss

Mary Underwood

You have all my sympathy!!! The last week is the pits. At least it's almost over!


First of all... I love the little Valentines deco!!!! I am happy to hear that Pete treated you well! I hope those chocolates worked to help you feel a little better :)

We all love you - and keep checking the blog for good news of AVA!!! Can't wait to meet you girly!!!!!


I would love to talk to you about fabric and stuff but I don't have your email address or a phone number so call me or email me please!

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