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February 20, 2009


Emily Dorman

She is absolutely gorgeous! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.


What a sweet, sweet baby girl you have! Everyone must just be loving her! Not lacking for attention, that's for sure! :)


Ava looks so sweet!! I love the picture of Isaac holding her.

I'm so glad you've had so many people help. We enjoyed our time over there with the boys and seeing their excitment. It really wasn't bad during the day. believe it or not i even got two of the wonky star blocks done when they were all playing so well together. :)

we hope to see ava soon!


She is a cute one! Hopefully you aren't having to fight to hold her! LOL!

Melissa Dempsey

Ava is absolutely precious! We are sorry we are all sick around here...we hope to see her sooner than later. Enjoy these moments, they are ever so fleeting!


She really is so beautiful! I hope you start feeling better soon.


Aaah, she is so cute! I hope your recovery goes quickly for you, Tasha! Love you all, Ninz


She is so sweet and beautiful! I am so wishing that we lived closer so I could come see her soon. I am glad that there is so much family nearby to be with you and help you all out!

We all love you - and hope your recovery goes well.

sean and sadie

cutest thing ever!!! im sooo happy for your family that u have your little girl. keep posting the pics as fast as u take them! we cant wait to meet her! wierd, a girl in the house besides mama...that doesnt count as a girl...just mama!
love u all

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