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February 10, 2009



Good luck! Can't wait to see pics of the little lady.


Oh my goodness! I bet the anticipation is killing you (cause it's killing all of us)! It's so fun to see her bag all packed and ready. I think you should definately wash the onsies. I washed all Maya's clothing cause I wanted everything to be soft and germ free. I know what you mean about hospitals, and I work in one. Well, I hope she comes soon...;)


AVA! your bag is packed now lets get moving... down and out baby :)

I love all of her cute outfits, she is going to be quite a little princess leaving the hospital all decked out. I am sure she will be swimming in the outfits too, oh so cute!

I was nervous about washing everything too but I did wash the outfits I was taking with me to the hospital just so they were all clean and snuggly and shrunken up a bit.

can't wait for the call :)


i'm so glad everything was o.k. when you went in the other night! there were times i went in and everything was fine. it really does help with the peace of mind. though, i hope she'll come soon so we can meet this sweet baby.

i know they say your suppose to wash all clothing because of the chemicals. i haven't always been the best since the kids get so excited when we get something new. though, for the babies sensitive skin it wouldn't be a bad idea. :)


Ava's little blanket turned out beautiful! I love it!

You are so cute, you almost sound like you haven't had a baby before! Everything will be great, and I don't thing you need to worry. I guess I am a terrible mom, because I haven't washed anything before Adin has worn it. So far, he has been okay - but I guess if you aren't sure, than you can wash her clothes.

She is just going to be the cutest dressed little baby girl ever! I am so excited to see pictures of this little darling!!!! And I know you can't wait to hold her in your arms! I totally understand the anticipation... I was exactly a week overdue when Adin finally decided to come! I don't wish that upon anyone!!! Love you!!!!

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