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January 20, 2009



Oh Tasha! It turned out absolutely adorable! What a wonderful space! I love it. And I love her name. It's perfect. :)


It is the cutest girls room I have ever seen. You have such a way of putting things together and finding the perfect things to make the room look complete! Are you for hire! You have gotten me so excited to get me nursery done! I am feeling a little pressure :) I love it!


tasha!! ava's room is the most yummiest, cutest, most sweetest room i've ever seen!! i feel so privileged to have been able to contribute to her room! it was so much fun to work on all those yummy decorations and quilts! and all because you are one of the most wonderful people i know. i am truly blessed to have such a wonderful friend! you have always been an inspiration to me, and would have never started quilting without your encouragement! THANKS!!!

i wanted to let you know that tanya whelan commented on my flickr photo of ava's quilt! how cool is that!!!

ps. thanks for all the kind comments about me! :) that was sweet!

Mary Underwood

This puts my kids rooms to shame! I love it!

Tasha Horsley

Don't worry Mary, it puts ALL the other bedrooms in my house to shame! My poor boys...we have some "even-ing things up" to do!


Wow!!!! Tasha you did an absolutely amazingly beautiful job on this room! Ava is such a lucky little girl. I totally love that just about everything is homemade, or at least has a homemade touch. You all did so much work. Most definitely the most adorable nursery I have ever seen!!! You have a great eye, and a whole lot of talent (you too Pete, and Kerri!!). Can't wait to see it in person one of these days.

PS I hope that all is going well for you, and that this labor coming up goes smoothly!


AAAAMAZING! I just love it Tasha. You guys did an awesome job. Standing in there makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Lucky Ava! I know she will look adorable in the room! Ninz


oh my goodness tasha, this is the sweetest baby nursery I have ever seen! I love it!

Emily Dorman

The nursery is so adorable! Hope Ava hurries up to come and enjoy it.


OH. MY. This is by far my absolute favorite nursery of all time. I'm not even exagerating. I'm sitting here thinking that I might have to have another baby JUST so I can copy every single thing about it. I am IN LOVE! LOVE IT! *sigh* I need a girl.

You rock, girl. You rock.


Dear Tasha-
I just found your blog via your sister in law's blog, via Sew Mama Sew, and I just felt I had to comment. First of all, I had four boys then FINALLY had a girl, about a year and a half ago. It's heaven! I'm so glad you got one too! She is adorable. I'm dying over her room, so cute! I've been looking for girl room ideas lately since I'm hoping we'll be moving soon and she'll actually get her own room, so you've got me inspired. I love your style. I have a dresser and nightstand that used to be my mom's that's similar to the one you painted. I didn't think I wanted to keep it, but now after seeing how cute yours turned out painted, I think I will! Did you paint right over the drawer pulls? One other question I had for you, on your Flea Market Fancy Christmas quilt, it looks like you left the edges of the inside square raw, like you just sewed it to the larger outer square, but I can't tell for sure in the picture so I just wanted to ask if that's what you did. It looks so cute, I have seen so many of that quilt done on different blogs, in fact my friend just made one for her daughter's bed.
Anyway, congratulations, and I'm so happy I found your blog!


What is the paint color on the dresser? I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

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The nursery is beautiful! It is made for the babies! The colors are so soft and the things are so cute.

Erin K.

I found this blog when looking into doing beadboard in my nursery. I love the shelf above the beadboard and would like to do the same thing. However, I am not sure how to attach a shelf above the beadboard like you did and was wondering what you did to attach it securely.

Erin K.


I also wNt to know the paint color of the dresser. Very cute room!


Oh my word! This is the cutest baby room I have ever seen!!! I love it!!!

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