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January 05, 2009



Wow, that's really soon! Better get that room done! We've done paneling twice. It's a lot of work, but oh so cute. :)


the room is going to be so cute!!! i love what you have planned for it. the fabrics all look so yummy!!!


How exciting!!! The pink looks so good I can't wait to see what you do in there!


That is very exciting. Are you having a shower? I would love to come if you have one! Let me know, if not let's get some of the "Old" gang together for lunch at least.


So exciting!!!! We will keep you and Ava in our prayers for a safe and healthy delivery! Can't wait to see pictures of this sweet baby girl!!!! (Is Isaac back to being excited for a girl... I know those boys are all just going to LOVE and ADORE her!!!!!)

The nursery is looking beautiful! It will be fun to see what it turns into.


Oh how fun to have a date!

Season Tanuvasa

So exciting Tasha! Are you naming her Ava?



Yes! We are naming her Ava. Love it! I know you agree. :) It's so strange to really decide on a girl name instead of just talking about names I like. It's still hard for me to believe.

Season Tanuvasa

Oh, you're right, I DO love it! Have you come up with a middle name? Naming girls is so hard, there are so many beautiful names to choose from. Great minds think alike though:) Love ya

Talia Puthoff

I LOVE the 'hint' of your nursery! How exciting!! I hope my gift gets to you in time :)

I really like the name Ava, too. It's weird how things change once you actually get to make the decision...
My dream name for my girl was Samantha, but when I was preggo with Amelie, I was like uh, heck NO!

Wasn't your dream name always Savannah? I just remember you & Savannah Smiles from when I was little! Ava is WAYYY cuter and fits well with your boy's names, too... LOVE it!


thanks talia, we are excited about the name too! i remember how you loved samantha and i think amelie was surely the right pick! :)

brenda, yes...the beadboard has been LOTS of work! lots of PAINTING too! it's very cute though.

katrina....yes, isaac has decided he wants a sister now....WHEW!!! :)

season, middle name....Noel. :)

i only have a few weeks left!!! YAY!!!

Melissa Dempsey

I love Ava's pink room! Pete and Tasha you did such a great job on the interior! How happy she will be to be surrounded by a girly color. We can't wait to meet you Ava!

Auntie Meliss

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