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December 15, 2008



What a lovely Christmas tree and snow as well, I'm jealous.

I've always wanted to experience a white Christmas....... won't ever happen in Australia.

Merry Christmas!!!
Mal :)


Looks like your boys are building a serious snow fort! BTW, I love your red chair! Is it always red or is that a slip cover only for the holidays?


Isn't it fun having it all white. :) I need to get some pictures of the kids playing in the snow too. They sure have had fun the last couple days.

Mary Underwood

Very cute decorations. I must be getting older, because I don't ever remember feeling this frozen in Washington before. Brrrrr!

Season Tanuvasa

Tasha your house looks beautiful! That is some serious Christmas decorating! I really can't wait to see baby girls room:) Really though, your house looks amazing and I am jealous! Good job! Season


Tasha your house is decorated very cute and looks very cozy! :) Wow, you guys have a lot of snow up there. I love the snow but I hate it when it gets this cold. We miss u guys!

Tasha Horsley

brenda and any other interested people,

i just got the red chair cover recently on e bay. i just like red all the time, but it is extra fun for the holidays. i do have a few slipcovers to change around though. it's the ikea ektorp chair and i do really like it. it has actually been a very sturdy chair and i love that you can always get a new cover if you need it. craig's list usually has the chairs pretty often. i am hoping to get one for the baby's room and buy the pink slipcover from ikea. i haven't been able to find a pink one yet on e bay, but i am willing to spend the full price at ikea for the mere fact that it is PINK!


Rachael Duke

Love your tree and of course the red chair. My favorite is the little tin punched bird on the tree. I put cardinals all over mine this year and I'm obsessed with birds. I keep thinking of you and your quilts as my light turquoise (sp?) blue and brown livingroom are mixing with my red and white decorations. I was looking forward to our ornament exchange. :(


Your house looks absolutely beautiful... although I think I have told you that a few thousand times while I was there- I just love your home! Thank you so much for opening it up to Adin and me... I am so glad I was able to see the snow before I left! Give my love to all the boys!!!


Brrr! it is sooo cold over here and we are getting TONS of snow! I see Seattle is getting its fair share too! Fun for the kids :)

Your house looks so festive! Our tree is the charlie brown tree again and it has been decorated and re-decorated a million times so far thanks to Zoe. I bought all shatter-proof balls though so nothing nice has been broken :)

jodi wilde

Can't wait to see you! Love this blog! We need to talk 'fabrics'.....Peace......Jodi

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