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November 05, 2008



I think they look great. Love the second one with the sun flares. :)


Wow- those look great. I don't know much about photography or editing, but they look amazing to me!
I agree with Brenda, I think my fav is the 2nd one.


Those look great Tasha!!! Looks pretty professional to me. I also like the 2nd one the best, but they all look really nice. I also like how you did some fading in the center of them. You really do a great job with the photo editing. I wish I had photoshop. Or maybe it is just needing to learn my program better????


You did great Tasha. I love the lens flare! Totally trendy! Way to go with the burning!


great photos! I think it is so cool that seniors these days have so many options for pictures, it used to be that you took your 5 outfits down to Yen Lui or Dresden or whatever and they had a fake fence post you could lean on in their studio...
good job! Oh, and I know nothing about editing :)

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