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November 12, 2008



Those rolls and cinnamon rolls look so yummy!

I like the fabrics for your christmas quilt. I was looking at the moda ones last time I was at the fabric store. The only christmas quilt we have is the one you made for Maya when she was little.

Your aqua and red squares look great too!!!


Wow! You are making me hungry!!!!

I love your choices of fabrics... I think that both quilts will end up really cute!


Yummmmm!!!! Cinnamon rolls are my greatest weakness. I've never dared make them, I would eat every single one.
p.s. are we still on for tomarrow?


yum! I love cinnamon rolls! When we were down in Utah I would make them at least once a month especially around this time of year, they really seem like a fall treat.
Gregg loves them and we had some friends that would want me to make them for every group dinner we had.... they are SO time consuming but the things you do to make people happy! I am glad your boys enjoyed them after you slaved away :)
I won't let Gregg see this post or he will be reminded... it's been a while, hehe!

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