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October 16, 2008



scary, boys are so crazy! hehe!


That is SUCH a cool tree!! I remember Peter and Paul climbing trees, too. I love how you captured all the boys at different heights on the same tree! Looks like fun!


Oh my gosh! You let them climb high! I've taken pics at that tree cuz I love the cool little "bench" part of the tree trunk. A fave park there in Puyallup. :)


i have 4 boys...i am used to their boyishness, crazy desires...tree climbing being one of them. pete used to go way up to the top of very tall fir trees when he was young. (his mom has even said so.) and besides, i DID stop isaac and austin from venturing any further! :)


What a cool tree! That is so great you let your boys be boys! So many parents are to scared to let kids be kids. We use to let the kids climb the trees at Saint Nicholas Montessori. We did have a branch limit, but the boys loved it!! I'm sure my boys will climb trees when they get older. :)

Season Tanuvasa

Tasha, Boy Mom's are one of a kind, huh?!:) At this point, I am just waiting for Jace to break something!! That is an amazing picture, and those boys need to be proud of themselves that they are brave enough to do that! I would have been scared to death! Love you, Season

Season Tanuvasa

Tash, Sooo funny, my verify word was Y 5 baby. So ironic!!


ack! that is high!!!! :)

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