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May 19, 2008



YUM! They all look so delicious. Strawberry shortcake is my ultimate favorite. How fun!


YUMMY! YUMMY! It all looks so tasty. What a cute picture of Austin too! I remember your post awhile back of him in the sink. Looks like something he really enjoys. :) I should try that with Ethan since it seems to be a fight to get him in the bath lately. One week he loves it and the next it's a battle?????


Yum, I totally want your strawberry shortcake! Homemade are so much better then store bought! The smoothies and the pot pie look delish too... we were just saying tonight that by the end of this trip we will be SO ready for some homemade food! I love good dinners!

p.s thanks for calling! Sorry I missed it!

Cammie Malaga

So, I made smoothies for breakfast this morning and Madison asked if I could put it in the fridge until she got home from school. I'm not going to take it too personally, but think I will pick up a bag of that fruit next time I'm at Costco! I want your potpie recipe!


I love summer. I think that there are the most amazing things to eat, create, and bake. Strawberry shortcake is one of my all time favorite desserts. I planted a ton of strawberry plants so I can enjoy them all summer long.

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