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April 09, 2008



I think that is great! You need to be able to focus on your family but still make time for things you like to do! Slowing down is always good. I know the rushed feeling and how stressful that can be. I know in my house when I'm stressed then everyone is pretty miserable too. :(

I love the picture! So sweet! What about Whimsical Winter Day??? Just what entered my mind. I think that is great you want to wait to open your shop so you feel like your going into it prepared. New things take time! And your right Etsy isn't going anywhere. :)


I was in the same boat- Etsy got a little overwhelming for me, I found myself spending more time on the computer doing graphics than spending time with my family. When i reopened shop I decided to give myself a limit of two custom banners per day... if there were only more hours in the day right? ;]

I admire you for putting your family first.

Melissa Dempsey

Hello Tasha,

An idea on the image--maybe "Counting Snowflakes"? Of course I would have the little boy sticking out his tongue to the side. What do you think? Just a thought!

For home printers, I know what the "big daddy" is that you should have. With the Epson Stylus Photo R1800 or R1900 you can control your color output and have the printer use heavy museum paper for archival prints. Also, when one color runs out you are only replacing that color--very nice. It is a large investment, but it is worth it. Epsons have always had excellent color. Thank goodness for tax returns--otherwise we would not have it.

Wow-your boys are getting so big. The image looks like them. I hope all is well.


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