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January 09, 2008



oh my gosh Tasha! You are so freakin crafty I am just blown away! I love love love the little onesie, I want one for Zoe for real and I would love one of your blankets too! The pear one is so cute and I love the #'s!


Goodness Tasha, sometimes I wish I could just call you and ask you for help and tips on sewing. You make the cutest little bits and now that I got a functioning sewing machine, I want to make all sorts of decortive onesies for my baby girl. I need to learn to embroider too, apparently it's not TOO hard, according to mema, if you just use that basic stitch you can turn out a bunch of neat things- so we`ll see :] Also, I saw the new quilt you posted in your shop- You know how hard it is for me NOT to buy that ;] I love it. I have finished the quilt top to the quilt kit I ordered from you, I need to do the sides and batting and all that still (hopefully next week) - maybe tonight i`ll update my blog (it's been awhile) and let you see :] If you don't mind, I Might convo you and ask you a couple questions on how to do a couple things (not quilt related, but onesie related) Let me know cause I don't want to bug you! Truly appreciate it --Kimma


Oh yea- and I am just starting to build my fabric stash, so I have tons on hand for projects, but yours makes me jealous! What fun and beauitful prints and how perfectly do they compliment eachother! :]

Cammie Malaga

You have such a great eye for complimenting fabrics! Where were these adorable clothes when my girls were little? I love love love the birdie!

Cammie Malaga

What cute, happy, creative boys you have! Just like there mommy...

Katrina Parry

Hey Tasha - I finally had time to really take a look at your blog (sorry it took me so long)... and all I can say is WOW!!! You are so talented. I always knew you were talented, but I had no idea how much so. I can't wait to find out whether my baby is a boy or girl, so I can get something from you- I can't even decide what my fav is!! Give my love to all the boys.
Love Trina

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