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December 06, 2007



Hey Tasha! Thanks so much for doing that! So far today Ella and I have decorated 2 gingerbread houses, and dressed the little girl a number of times! She is already bugging me to get back on, so thank you!


Tasha, Thanks for sharing! Savannah had a lot of fun with this yesterday when Maya was gone with Maria. Now Maya and Jacob can't wait to do it. Thanks again!


heh! I just noticed this post- how sweet of you to mention me in your blog! I am getting to work on that quilt in the coming weeks- I`m so excited about it but scared i`m gonna stitch right through my finger or somethin crazy! I`ve already laid out the pieces in different arrangements a couple times because i`m real stoked. I`m nerdy and you know i`ll post pictures, so you`ll get to see the progess i make or the finished product one of these days! :] I think i`ll go make my own gingerbread house now while i wait on nick to get home!

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