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Here are all the quilt layers together. First, I ironed my backing and laid it on the floor, wrong side up. (Your backing should be a tad bit bigger than your top.) Next, I laid my batting down on top of the backing. I used Warm and White, which I bought at my local fabric store by the yard. My batting is a bit bigger than my backing. I also lined my quilt with some white 100% cotton muslin for a little extra durability and I think well worth it. Your choice though. The lining layer went on top of the batting. Then the quilt top goes on the top! You may have to play a little peek-a-boo to make sure that your quilt top isn't extending over the edges of the backing. Make sure it's all straightened out and smoothed out. Then I got out all my little safety pins and pinned the quilt layers together. I put a pin in most of the squares and some in the border area. The curved safety pins make it really fast and easy to do this. You can get them at your local craft or fabric store. (Mine is Joanne's) The pins kept it all together while I machine stitched. At this point it is up to you what you want to do with your quilt. Tie it, hand-stitch it, machine-stitch it or even take it to a professional for stippling. Have fun!