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September 01, 2009



It's adorable! I think you'll have a great turnout.


That is really cute!!! What day are you doing it? Can I crash the party?


super cute! i looooove the green fabric. is that from pacific too? what brand???


Can I come??
PS I just want you to know that due to your music nostalgia a week or two ago, I went and downloaded some Erasure which I have now burned to CD's... good stuff!! (Adin loves it too )


I have all of this fabric with the exception of just 2 or 3. I love this and what a great idea. I know if I was at your church I would go to the class:) We have recently just started going to a new church. I know the pastor very well, he baptisted me when I was 20 years old:) But its always sort of scary and wierd to go somewhere new. I like a smaller type of church where you can really feel part of everything. That is what this church is like but I have yet to delve into any women's activities. I want too. It always amazes me to find out that women can be so "mean" or "standoffish" at church. BUT that is just life and I need to "get over it" cuz there are just always people out there dealing with their own stuff that has nothing to do with me. I just take it personally, too often. Wow, I said tooooo much. I love the vibe of your blog, its a nice place to visit:)

Bekah Dorman

I saw you on sunday with this tote...SUPER CUTE! I can't wait for the class. I will be there for sure. I still would like to get together and pick out fabric for Laura's quilt...

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